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Information regarding private data protection and Consent to Personal Data Processing for marketing purposes of our company


Dear clients,

In this newsletter we wish to inform you in detail regarding the collection and processing of your personal information for marketing purposes. First, we would like to explain, why we have requested your Consent to Personal Data Processing for marketing purposes.

The main goal of the listed data processing is to offer you the newest information regarding any current or new products and services, as well as our business partners. In addition, we wish to offer time limited offers and practical information, in written or electronic form. We aim to create tailored offers based on segmentation and profiling. In this way, we can present you with only the relevant product and service offers, and avoid overwhelming you with information regarding products that are already at your disposal or are not relevant to you.

The Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/ES, coming into effect on 25. 5. 2018, requires us to obtain a new consent from you for the processing of personal data that would adhere to the new requirements.

Please read the following information concerning the processing of personal information, prepared in form of questions to make the newsletter more transparent and practical when searching for information. Should you have any questions or suggestions to the provided consent, please contact us under 038 762 7020 or via email: recepcia@azul.sk


  1. Who is the personal data administrator?
  2. What personal information is processed?
  3. What are the sources of the data?
  4. Which purposes have you provided your consent to?
  5. Why profiling and automated decision-making is being implemented?
  6. What is the retention period of your personal data?
  7. Who are our business partners?
  8. Who can have access to your personal information?
  9. What are your rights in processing of personal information?
  10. How to revoke your consent to the processing of personal information?


The personal data adminIstrator is the company, designating the purpose and means of processing personal data. For marketing purposes, the administrator of your personal data is the company:


For marketing purposes we are processing the following categories of personal data, which are helping us determine the product and service offer designed to your liking and your request.

  • Basic identification data – name, residence, date of birth, address.
  • Contact information – phone number, e-mail address.
  • Sociodemographic data – statistic record of age, gender, education, employment, number of children.
  • Utilization of products and services information – what kind of services you have used previously, information regarding the usage of our internet customer zone. Based on this data we can recommend suitable products and services.
  • Information from phone calls, or other interactions with you, e.g. via e-mail, chat or SMS messages.
  • Geo-location information – geo-location data from web browser. This data usually serves to provide you with a contact for a mediator or branch office at, or close, to your location.


The personal information listed in the previous article are received directly from you, as you provide them in client contracts or other documents.

Personal data can also come from publicly accessible resources, registers or databases, e.g. the Business Register. Or from third-party personnel authorised to process your personal data.


You have provided your consent for marketing purposes, which include the following:

  • product and service offer. Based on your consent, we can send you offers in an electronic form, via e-mail or messages sent to your mobile devices using your phone number, throught the clients web zone, in written form or via a phone call,
  • automated processing of personal data with the aim to adjust business offer to your individiual needs,
  • survey of the market and customer satisfaction with purchased products and services.

The consent provided for marketing purposes is voluntary, however, necessary for us, to be able to provide you with individual product, services and our business partners offers. Without said consent we are not able to provide you with such offers.


Our company is aiming to provide individual product and services offer. For this reason your personal data is subject to profiling and for this purpose we are using automated information systems, web applications or calculators. Based on these informationsyou receive individual product and services messages and offers from our company.

Automated evaluation (profiling) of personal data helps us know you and your needs and estimate better your future actions and adapt our products and services accodingly.


You have provided your consent for a period of the contractual relationship and 10 subsequent years after the termination of said contractual relationship, or until you revoke your consent.

Should you not be, nor become a client of our company, your consent will be valid for 10 years after being granted or until you revoke your consent.

After the expiration of the retention period your personal data are deleted, but only within the range and purposes for which your consent is not legally required.


In the Consent you have also agreed on consigning your personal data to our chosen business partners. Our business partners are adhering to the Personal Data Protection Policy and a Personal Data Processing Contract has been signed between our company and our business partners.

Our business partners are: Booking, Previo, Zľavomat, Slevomat, Tripadvisor


For the processing of your personal information for marketing purposes, third-party subjects, designated to processing of personal data, such as mediators providing services to our company, can obtain access to your personal data. These can include external companies who are administering our systems or providing different services supplying proper company operation and processing of data for marketing purposes. With given mediators a Personal Data Processing Contract was signed, based on which they are obliged to follow the strict Personal Data Protection Policy.


A proper and correct processing of your personal information is for a company in Slovac Republic very important and its protection is automatic. With regard to the processing of personal data you may exercise the following rights:

Information regarding processing of your personal data

This information includes mainly: identification and contact data of the administrator, the representative or, if appropriate, the responsible person, purpose of processing, categories of concerned personal data, recipient or categories of recipients of the personal data, information about data portability into third countries, information regarding the personal data retention period, authorized administrators, list of your rights, possibility to turn to the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic, source for the processed personal data, as well as information regarding whether and how automated decision-making and profiling is implemented.

Right of access by the data subject

You have the right to confirmation of whether personal data is processed and if it is the case, you have the right of access to information regarding the processing, categories of concerned personal data, recipients or categories of recipients, personal data retention period, right for information regarding your rights, right to file a complaint to the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic, information about the source from which your data have been obtained, information regarding whether and how automated decision-making and profiling is implemented. Information and warranties in case of personal data transfer to a third country or an international organization. You also have right to receive a copy of the processed personal data.

Right to rectification

In case you have noticed a discrepancy in your personal data or your personal data have changed, such as address change, please do let us know, so we may correct your personal data.

Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten‘)

In certain situations provided by the law of Slovak Republic, we are obligated to erase your data on your request. However, every such request is subject to individual evaluation, as AZUL s.r.o company, is obliged or has just interest in keeping the private data.

Right to restriction of processing

Should you wish your personal data processing is strictly limited to only the most essential legitimate purpose or you wish to block your data.

Right to data portability

If you wish us to provide your personal data to a different company, we shall do so, upon your request, in a corresponding format, provided no legal or other important restrains are present.

Right to object and automated individual decision-making

Should there be any suspicion that the processing of your personal data is in conflict with the protection of your private and personal life or in conflict with the legal regulations, do not hesitate to contact us in request of an explanation or removal of the inept situation. You may as well raise an objection against the automated decision-making and profiling.

Right to file a complaint to the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic

With your enquiry or complaint regarding the processing of your personal data you can at any time turn to the supervisory office which is the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic residing on the following address: Hraničná 12, 820 07 Bratislava 27.

Where can you exercise your rights and are these subjected to a payment fee?

You may exercise your rights in our company via phone under: 038 762 7020, or by sending and E-mail to recepcia@azul.sk, or via sending a written complaint to the residence or our company’s address for correspondence: AZUL s.r.o., Záhradnícka 1135, 958 03 Partizánske.

All information and statements regarding the rights you are exercising are provided free of charge.

In what time period can I expect a response from the company?

Statements and information regarding measures taken, are provided as soon as possible, however we reserve the right to respond within a month. Should it be necessary and with regard to the complexity and number of requests, we may extend this period to two months. In such case, you will be informed about the time period as well as the reasons leading to the elongation of the response time period.


The Consent with Processing of personal data is based on a voluntary action. This means, that you can revoke your consent at any time. If you decide you no longer wish to receive information about our products or services or our business partners, we will completely respect your decision.

What are the necessary consent withdrawal requirements?

  • Data of the withdrawal applicant. Please state your name and surname, address of residence and date of birth, so we are able to identify you.
  • Data of the withdrawal addressee. The withdrawal can be addressed to all branch offices, but you may choose and specify those, to which you are granting to, or revoking from your consent. In this way you can continue receiving information from the branch offices of your preference.
  • A statement, that you no longer wish that we process your personal information. Should you only wish to receive certain information or offers, please specify these, so that we may suit your preference.
  • Your signature.

How can I send my consent withdrawal?

  • The Withdrawal of Consent to Personal Data Processing for Marketing Purposes can be sent in written form, so that a proper record of your withdrawal is registered. Please do not forget to sign your consent withdrawal.
  • Sending a written and signed declaration addressed to the residence or our company’s address for correspondence.
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